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Probation Violations in Philadelphia

Richard Maloumian Jr. has 18 years of experience as a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Philadelphia, and offers representation for probation violations. If you have been arrested for a probation violation, be sure to contact a Criminal Lawyer in Philadelphia to handle the subsequent hearing appropriately.

Once probation is violated, an arrest usually follows shortly afterwards. The defendant could be ordered to a court hearing. The consequences of a probation violation are dependent on the following:

  • The severity and nature of the violation
  • If any previous probation violations have occurred, and if so, how many
  • New criminal activity that has resulted from the violation
  • The view of the probation violation from the defendant’s probation officer or department
  • At what point during the defendant’s probation sentence the violation took place

If a probation violation has occurred it’s important to first consult with an experienced lawyer. Attorney Richard Maloumian is your best choice when faced with a probation violation. The consequences of violating probation in PA vary, and if not handled by an experienced probation violation lawyer, the outcome may cost you your freedom:

  • Probation extension
  • Probation period amendments
  • Potential prison time
  • Probation revocation
  • Probation reinstatement with new or same terms
  • Community service
  • Treatment or rehabilitation programs
  • Counseling sessions

Ask a Criminal Defense Lawyer: How is Violating Probation Different from Violating Parole?

When probation is violated, probation violation attorneys have permission to represent the defendant in the court hearing. If parole is violated, attorneys are generally excluded and the hearing involves the parolee, probation officers, and a specially selected committee of people.

Consulting with a criminal defense lawyer in PA can potentially mitigate or eliminate the consequences of the violation. A criminal defense attorney will examine all of the defendant’s options and will try to reduce charges or find alternate sentences.

Contact or call Attorney Richard Maloumian Jr. at 215-854-6395 to represent you for a probation violation case.