Dropped Charges
The best case scenario for a client charged with any criminal offense is to have all the charges against you dropped before one witness is called to the stand. I have an outstanding record for having my client's cases dismissed either at the preliminary hearing level or at trial. I am able to employ extremely effective advocacy techniques regarding discovery, timeliness and witness availability that consistently result in my client's cases being discharged or prosecution being withdrawn. Then, the case is over, and you can go on with your life. I pride myself on seeking this disposition in every case.
Reduced Charges

Oftentimes arrests result in cases being overcharged. There is a tremendous difference in the law between being charged with felony rather than misdemeanor. As a seasoned criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor, I am able to determine when a broad brush may have been used with respect to what is charged in a criminal case. Many times, it may not be a matter of guilt or innocence when representing a client in an over-charged crime, but a matter of saving them from a felony conviction rather than a misdemeanor disposition. As an experienced defense attorney, I know when and how to negotiate. I have had and continue to enjoy great success in the representation of my clients in this context which requires a keen understanding of the art of negotiation, and where being viewed with respect and credibility is imperative.

Trial Defense

Hearing the words "Not Guilty" at trial or "Discharged" at the preliminary hearing is the ultimate goal. As an experienced criminal defense attorney, I know when and how to fight! I pride myself on being a zealous and tenacious advocate when representing my clients. I rely on thorough case preparation and my ability to draw on both my skills as a defense attorney and experience as prosecutor when engaging witnesses on the stand whether they be civilians or police. As a former Philadelphia Assistant District Attorney, my training has allowed me to understand how prosecutors think and to anticipate how they approach their cases, which has always been an incredible benefit to my clients in the courtroom.

Additionally, cases must be regularly litigated at the preliminary hearing level or at trial in order to have specific charges that are not supported by the evidence dismissed. This situation, although arising quite commonly, requires a defense attorney with the proper ligation background and skills in order to prevail. My acute understanding of the law, aggressive cross examination expertise and dedicated preparation serve consistently as a winning formula.

Reduced Sentences

When charged with any offense where being found "not guilty" is not an option, receiving a proper and fair sentence is the goal. Many times, based upon the nature of the charge, the prosecution may be seeking a standard range sentence against you that is excessive. In that instance, I consistently rely on my negotiation skills to bring to light and make the prosecution aware of every unique aspect of each case and client that I represent. No two cases are the same, and no two clients are the same.

When negotiating with the prosecution is no longer an option, I have had a great deal of success in obtaining sentences before the court that were greatly reduced from what was originally offered. I have worked extremely hard to obtain reduced sentences consistently for my clients, which in my opinion requires a great appreciation for the law, a fundamental understanding of fairness and common sense and the ability to present your client in the best light.